Thanks to a new unexpected reality, we now pay more attention to comfort and balance between free time and work. The interior must meet the highest functional and planning requirements and the philosophy of human coexistence with space to meet the needs of all residents of the apartment in all situations.

The 80 square meters apartment comprises a spacious kitchen-living room, a master bedroom, a children’s room with a working area and two bathrooms. The first priority for the Bezmirno team was to create an overall atmosphere of serenity and elegance, which will not interfere with the architectural principles of the interior design and provide a sense of absolute security.

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea80 m²Yearin progress

Notte Interior Design Entrance
Notte Interior Design Entrance, Corridor interior

The design project of the modern Notte apartment has become an embodiment of new highly functional design principles, which can transform any space into a separate small world you don’t want to leave.

Therefore, the interior of the entrance part of the apartment and the kitchen-living room were designed in the same style to continue the barrier-free planning of the two spaces. The walls of the entrance group were decorated with dark veneer panels contrasted with white marble tiles on the floor and mirrored facades of cabinets.

Notte Interior Design Entrance, Living room design
Notte Interior Design Entrance, Living room & Kitchen design
Notte Interior Design, Living Room view
Notte Interior Design, Kitchen view
Notte Interior Design, Kitchen view
Notte Interior Design, Dining room

The kitchen-living room was designed in pastel colors, with walls partly decorated with veneer panels and painted white. The living room area, visually separated from the kitchen by white pylons, with a large gray sofa, its own bio fuel fireplace, couch and TV, which seems to be a solid array with tinted glass on the wall – created a cozy area for evenings with the family.

The kitchen area was made in warm saturated colors which creates a homely atmosphere. And the unusual chandelier above a large dining table for six people became a key addition to the overall design of the flat.

Notte Interior Design, Bedroom design
Notte Interior Design, Bedroom design, Rest view Notte Interior Design, Bedroom design, Work view

The master bedroom was designed in a light pastel color scheme, with soft finishing behind the bed, light veneer panels and graphite color on the wall.

A dark colored cupboard and cabinet contrast with the light shades of the room, giving it a sense of restraint and elegance.

Notte Interior Design, Child room

The design of the children’s room was also decorated in pastel colors. The bedroom, mostly painted in gray, with a spacious bed, a working area, mirror wall and an interesting painting on a pink background, became the embodiment of a perfect personal space for a girl.

Thanks to the strict compliance of architectural norms, the use of natural materials, warm color scheme and some special additions – the interior design of the Notte apartment became a harmonious embodiment of peace and security, creating a space you do not want to leave, even if you are allowed to.

Notte Interior Design,
Notte Interior Design, Bathroom design

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