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“My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.”
― Winston S. Churchill

To order of the Kiev Central Department Store in 2020, the Bezmirno team designed interior of fitting rooms for the most demanding customers. For those who are not ready to compromise and used to receive only the highest level of service and attention. A place where you can relax and enjoy a leisurely fitting of new clothes in a calm atmosphere, to get advice from professional stylists and choose the best for yourself. A place where every element of the interior emphasizes the status of visitors.

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea39 m² / 26 m²Year2020PhotoAndrii Shurpenkov

Fitting room design, Interior, Entrance
Fitting room interior, Recreation area, Design

From the very entrance we immediately fall into the atmosphere of comfort. Embossed wall made of solid wood at the entrance separates the recreation area from the common space, hiding guests from prying eyes. Among the light veneered panels is a gray stone, which attracts with its color and pattern.

Comfortable chairs, elegant odd-shaped sofa, tender table made of tinted glass and metal, correctly adjusted light, nice music, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and expensive perfumes – all this, in the lounge area, creates a general atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.

Інтер'єр примірочної, Зона відпочинку, Дизайн
Fitting room interior, Recreation area, Design
Fitting room interior, Recreation area, Design
Hidden bar in waiting room Hidden bar in waiting room
Functional design for fitting room, Rest area, Interior

There is a hidden bar behind the sliding door, all the functional parts for customer service, is concentrated there. Hidden functionality makes the area clean of unnecessary details.

With the help of natural materials, soft textures, calm colors, warm light, which are elegantly combined with each other, our team managed to achieve an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. To create a place where you can spend more than one hour choosing the perfect wardrobe.

Changing room design, Interior
Changing room design, Interior
Changing room design, Interior

Women's fitting room

The advent of online shopping has forever changed the usual world of shopping, but traditional stores are not far behind, and offer their customers new services. The process of choosing a wardrobe does not have to be monotonous and tedious. If you are a VIP client of Kyiv Central Department Store, then new opportunities open up for you.

Now you don’t have to walk between the rows for a long time choosing the right thing. You and your friends can sit in a comfortable fitting room and in a relaxed atmosphere with a glass of sparkling wine, flipping through fashion magazines, spend time fun and useful. Personal stylists will be happy to help you choose everything you need and you do not need to go anywhere.

Women's fitting room, Interior, Design
Fitting room design, Interior
Fitting room design, Interior
Fitting room for women, Design, Interior

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