The modern world is changing so quickly and unexpectedly that it is simply impossible to foresee the design trends of the future. The only thing that remains constant is the fundamental principles of design and their ability to turn any space into a comfortable place. That is why the Bezmirno team used three main rules of architecture in designing this apartment, including functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea146 m²YearIn process

This apartment consists of a master bedroom with a dressing room, two bedrooms for the kids, a spacious kitchen with a living room, a small office, two bathrooms, and a separate dressing room, which is designed as an island at the entrance to the apartment.

Despite the fact that the apartment is divided into separate multifunctional areas, the Bezmirno team has kept the feeling of openness due to the absence of unnecessary partitions.

The kitchen with living room serves as the main space of the apartment. The walls decorated with ash veneer and natural slate tiles, a kitchen island with a table for 8 people, a huge sofa with a couch and plenty of natural light have transformed the ordinary space into an aesthetic, functional and comfortable place that will remain modern through the ages.

The design of this room, visually separated by white pylons, was aimed at creating a real home atmosphere, which will complement the quiet evenings with loved ones. The small office was created to set clear boundaries between work time and personal time.

Dark wood graphite interior design, living room Dark wood graphite interior design, living room hidden little work place

The design of the master bedroom, decorated with ash veneer and saturated gray color has become the embodiment of elegant beauty.

And the fact that it has its own dressing room on one side and a bathroom on the other side turned it into a complete separate area.

According to the project, the design of bedrooms for the kids was made in the same style, with some differences based on the layout. Therefore, the first bedroom was decorated in a light color scheme bordered with veneered milled panels and painted birds on the walls. The workplace was placed in front of the bed as a single array with cabinets.

While another room was decorated with soft gray panels and veneered milled panels and visually divided into two separate zones: a sleeping area and work area. We have achieved the maximum functionality of the space and created the psychological balance between studying and spare time for the kids thanks to the visual partition in the form of a niche place to rest.

In conclusion, the rich color palette, a variety of natural materials, plenty of daylight and versatility of all areas gave the apartment an atmosphere of lasting peace and elegant beauty, which will always remain timeless.

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