The modern world is usually a fast paced place. An unstoppable energy of big cities can be really inspiring for doing something great and also help you to feel yourself a part of the bigger world. But the trick is that you can get tired of this lifestyle very quickly. People usually choose to take a break from this relentless race to relax away from the noise of the city somewhere surrounded by nature. That is why the main task in designing this holiday house was to create a perfect sanctuary from the concrete jungle.

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea80 m²Yearin progress

Nero House Main Entrance

Even though the minimalist architecture of the one-story building was designed in a dark restrained color scheme, the interior became the absolute opposite. It helped to create a unique homelike atmosphere and serenity in the house. Although the Nero home is not as big, it still has a spacious kitchen-living room, with access to its own terrace, separate bedroom and bathroom.

Due to the successful location of the building, panoramic windows, plenty of natural light and warm color scheme, the Bezmirno team has designed the most comfortable open-space house, which visually combines with the environment and gives a sense of peace and timeless freedom.

The interior of the kitchen-living room was designed in a warm color scheme, using natural materials for walls and ceilings. With this trick, the Bezmirno team tried to create a feeling of one continuous space, which is interspersed with a dark wall, a panoramic window and little details in the form of paintings.

A large number of shelves, a comfortable kitchen decorated with veneered panels, a coffee table of an unusual shape, a nice comfy place with a bio fuel fireplace for evenings with friends or family – have created a unique atmosphere for recreation.

The interior of the bedroom was also designed in three basic colors of the overall design of the house, using veneered panels on the walls and ceiling and an accent in the form of a dark wall behind a spacious bed.

The main priority for us was to create a place that would help to mentally reset people who come into the house and would be functional at the same time. With using natural materials, restrained color scheme and plenty of natural light – the Nero holiday home has become the embodiment of calm, which is so often lacking in the relentless day to day life of the big city.

In conclusion, the general atmosphere of a warm ambience and comfort has turned it into a perfect place where you’d want to spend a time in the perfect silence of the natural surroundings.

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