Innusha – manicure salon in Kyiv center.

We want to write and describe this project, we want to tell and show it, because for the whole Bezmirno Team it has become quite special and atypical.

The owner of the salon is a Ukrainian woman who has lived in New York for a very long time. The openness of the relationship appeared between us long before the personal meeting. Our team helped in the implementation of the project from the moment of choosing the space for the salon until its opening.

Innusha – it’s about maximum relaxation for body and soul. This is a salon where in a cozy atmosphere and sounds of quiet music, you enjoy luxurious treatments and relaxing massage, talking with friends with a glass of sparkling wine choose natural nail care products and more.

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea60 m²Year2022PhotoDenis Orlov

Innusha logo
Nail lounge, reception
Innusha, reception area
Innusha, manicure area
Innusha, entrance
Innusha nail lounge

Our main task was to create an atmospheric space that would envelop the client with comfort and care from the first step, a space that you do not want to leave, a space that you want to return to. Immersed in the general idea and philosophy of the Innusha brand, we decided to combine restrained, laconic forms with natural and light materials in design.

From the very beginning of the design, we tried to move away from the image of an “expensive” salon, which scares away with its pomp. We wanted to create a contemporary interior with a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

Innusha, nail lounge
Innusha, interior details
Innusha, details

The salon is located on one of the central streets of the capital, on the ground floor of an old house. The space is quite unusual, less than 3 meters wide and 20 meters long, a kind of “tram”.

The total area of the salon is 60 sq.m., so the key to good design was proper planning: a glass entrance group that “attract” the customer from outside, the reception desk to the left of the entrance, behind it a small waiting area, and then customer service areas.

Innusha, design interior
Innusha, nail salon
Innusha, details

Open space planning is providing a smooth flow from one area to another, a space where different functional areas are connected by colors, textures and materials. To integrate care cosmetics into the space, we have made the wall of decorative blocks the central focus of the interior, which involuntarily resembles the installation of nail drying lamps and attracts customers from the waiting area.

To create a different mood in the room, it is possible to adjust the light temperature. Neutral and bright lighting for comfortable work, and dim, soft light for an informal and relaxing atmosphere for customers. Thanks to the light, we emphasized the zoning in the room, created a comfortable environment for both employees and customers.

Innusha, manicure area
Innusha, central focus of the interior
Innusha, pedicure area


The project lasted almost a year of fruitful cooperation. During the implementation, we made new acquaintances, tested the strength of “old” contractors, organized the direct supply of furniture from Spain, developed alternative solutions in the repair process, we were constantly moving forward only to achieve the goal.

Strong desire and a clear vision of the basic concept allowed the Bezmirno Team to create a real oasis for women’s relaxation.

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