Miami Apartments

Today’s realities force us to work in an even more inspired and diligent way. To work so that Ukraine is admired all over the world. That is why foreign projects have become even more important for us.

In this project, we improved upon our own style utilizing some of our most favorite materials and colors. The customer, fully trusting our experience and style, allowed us to work with a mostly blank canvas and provided his input and refinements as we sculpted the design into perfection.

This apartment is located in one of the premier skyscrapers of Miami. Among tall, massive buildings, we sought to create a cozy space in which to comfortably live, work, meet guests and entertain.

The total area of the apartment is 187 square meters, which includes a large hall, a spacious living room with a kitchen, two bedrooms and a balcony. The pool table, which is located directly in the hall of the apartment, as an element of surprise, harmoniously fits into the general space.

The hall in Miami apartments is designed as a living room. Here there is silence to meet guests, drink a glass of whiskey, play billiards and work. In general, the entire design is made in light colors in combination with dark wood, the elegance of which is also emphasized by marble elements.

The Bezmirno team is work! We continue to create while the Russian aggressor destroys.

LocationMiami, USAArea187 m²Yearin process

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