The M House

The renovation of the house of the 80s in Germany it’s a great reminder of the relentlessness of life and the unstoppable human desire for the best. A successful tandem with the customer helped create new ideas and a new vision. Carefully, gently and inspired, we worked on the given task. Room after room acquired a new atmosphere and comfort.

Unlike the interior, the exterior of the house has undergone minor changes. The exterior of the house looks very restrained and laconic. Clear lines emphasize minimalism, and well-chosen materials combined with landscaping add elegance to the architecture. Due to the peculiarities of the terrain, from the side of the inner courtyard, the house looks somewhat different than from the main facade.

The house contains a kitchen, a living room, a bar, an office, a bedroom, a children’s room, and a spa area with a swimming pool. The main idea when creating the interior space is the central, monolithic core, decorated with stone, it is the core of the house, which holds the entire building.

Between the massive stone volume and wood paneling that greets us from the entrance, the kitchen, dining room, and living room can be seen. The barrier-free space between these rooms visually unites them, although each zone has its mood and spirit. The kitchen-dining room is decorated in light colors. A panoramic window and a dynamic lamp above the dining table attract the main attention. Hidden shelves and surfaces are for lovers of minimalism, maximally functional when needed. At the same time, they do not clutter up the space. The bar, next to the kitchen, like a windless island, has its atmosphere. Thanks to the right lighting at this bar, you can spend more than one-hour drinking a glass in friendly company.

The living room combines panels decorated with stone, light colors, and wooden elements, supporting the general style of the interior. The office area in the house consists of a library with a large, soft sofa, an adjoining room with it’s own workplace, and an office. Rail panels on the ceiling, combined with wall panels and doors of hidden installation smoothly flow from one plane to another. It allows to harmoniously combine and complements the interior with accents in the form of non-standard paintings. The same informal accent in the form of a picture is present in the hallways of the master bedroom.

Such ordinary details emphasize the refined but restrained design.

LocationBavaria, GermanyArea690 м²Year2023

Entrance to a private М house Entrance to a private М house


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