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Cozy minimalism is precisely the phrase that successfully describes the interior design of this small apartment.
Without unnecessary decor or accessories, only simple lines, shapes, and natural materials.

The apartment is in the modern residential complex “Fayna Town” in Kyiv, Ukraine. It’s total area is 60 square meters and includes a kitchen-living room, two bathrooms, a bedroom, a wardrobe with a utility room, and a balcony.

The very entrance to the apartment opens the combined space of the kitchen and living room. The kitchen is made in light colors and equipped as functionally as possible, which allows optimal use of space. The kitchen island and table are made of wood and acrylic stone. They are located parallel to the kitchen line, which allows for convenient use and creates an ideal center for gathering with family and friends.

The living room attracts attention with its clean lines and spaciousness, and it seems visually more significant due to the mirror wall, which reflects and doubles the volume of the space. A large sofa, located opposite the TV stand, is an ideal place to relax. The TV stand itself seems to be weightless and hanging in the air. However, in our minimalism, every detail is essential and performs a functional role, so the TV is behind the door, and below is a large sectional cabinet for things.

All the furniture in the apartment is custom-made, which makes it possible to use the space as comfortably as possible.

A small but cozy bedroom instantly creates a feeling of peace and relaxation. It attracts with its warm atmosphere, made thanks to the materials and the proper lighting.

The design of this apartment is about focusing on form, material, and atmosphere; it’s about concentrating on essential aspects such as functionality, comfort, and ergonomics.

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea60 m²Year2023PhotoYevhenii AvramenkoVideoAndriy Shurpenkov

Entrance to the apartment
Design details
Design details
Kitchen and dining area
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