Paper Sky Office

The Paper Sky office inspires you to perform in the workplace. It is built for creative people who think out-of-the-box (designers, architects, engineers) and who like to impress and surprise, appreciate the functionality and have taste for life.

The office layout is thought through to the tiniest detail. Its area is 136 sq.m. The functional split provides for all the necessary facilities, which are divided into 3 zones (the entrance with reception, the main working area with the conference hall and the technical area).

Exquisite and elegant design, tasteful decorative elements and furniture, spacious, fully functional. The interplay of forms and the three-dimensional effect of the surfaces are achieved through the innovative combination of materials, colours and light. The lamps are not just light sources but an integral part of the design which helps to unlock its potential. The harmonious combination of white and beige surfaces made of marble chips, natural wood, metal, glass and paper – all these visually expand the space and at the same time provides practical application.

The Paper Sky symbolises the importance of the information recorded on paper, eternal and independent of circumstances, time or technologies. Paper is able to preserve the most precious data and to carry them for ages.

To relax at the workplace, it’s enough to just lean back and look up at the ceiling, which immediately transports you into the world of creative forms where you can discover something new with every glance. The Conference Hall with the geometry of the walls complements the space, making it the ideal place for realisation of the most ambitious ideas. The reception of the office is simple, compact and practical. A petting zoo helps to become a part of an oasis, refreshes the space and extends the limits.

Ergonomics, security, soundproofing, the air-conditioning and ventilation systems are developed according to the highest standards and create a pleasant microclimate. Working in a comfortable office makes you happy, you want to perform and achieve new goals with ease.

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea136 m²Yearin progress

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