Little Yoga

In a big city in one of the residential complexes in a small apartment is hiding “Little Yoga”. This is Yoga Studio. We designed the interior of the studio inspired by the idea of customers to create a modern space «for friends only». Natural and inexpensive materials used in the design of the room are part of the Yoga Philosophy.
Large panel of natural linen cloth with LED back lighting along the perimeter.
Lamps with warm light and acoustics are mounted in the ceiling. Heated floors throughout the hall area. Everything for a comfortable stay in a room, where time slows down your course.
The minimalism and purity of the interior design is intended to provide a tranquil space that will not distract from meditation and hobby.

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea33 m²Yearin progress

Little Yoga Layout
Little Yoga Entrance Hall
Little Yoga Entrance Hall 2
Yoga class entrance view
Yoga Class Mirror View Night
Yoga Class Back Wall
Yoga Class Back Wall and Window
Yoga class entrance view 2
Yoga class entrance view 3
Yoga Locker Room
Yoga Locker Room 2
Yoga Studio Toilet
Yoga Studio Toilet

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