Architecture and interior of a private home is different from the interior of the apartment, primarily by some other functional zoning and space organization. Such projects require experience and maximum attention to the smallest details. In this case, the main task is to create the coziest, functional, simple and at the same time original housing. We approached the creation of this project mainly in such mood.
It’s a special project in our portfolio. Its main features are simplicity and, at the same time, perfect lines, a combination of functionalism and minimalistic constructivist notes, as well as a restrained contrast game.
The area of a private house (150 square meters) allowed to play our imagination, to make the right decisions, to create a functional and comfortable object. For owners it was very important. After all, the main task was to combine these important features into a single project, creating a relaxed, cozy atmosphere.
A stylish and restful house with panoramic windows, clear lines and a spacious terrace all around the perimeter tied to one. Extras include an exterior lounge area and a covered parking space. It also attracts a green lawn throughout the complex. And in this case it will become a wonderful place for children and adults. Thus, the pleasant time spent in the yard of the complex is guaranteed for all its residents and guests.
A private home is well integrated into the environment, and is harmoniously combined with the natural atmosphere around. A calm, cozy atmosphere will attract not only the owners, but also guests of the house.

Area150 m²Year2017

Privacy Preference Center