Forest House

Forest House is a small complex, which consists of two buildings (the private house and guest house), and a swimming pool, which are perfectly placed in the environment. That was exactly what the client wanted.
At 195 m2 of general square elements located and combined in one eco-style. You can really forget about the local bustle, get closer to nature and find harmony in yourself here.
Calm architecture, panoramic glazing, natural stone and wood decoration create a simple, relaxed and at the same time a calm and cozy atmosphere for homeowners. All these features are acutely opposed Forest House complex to artificial, gray and heavy megacities buildings.
Minimalism, environmental friendliness, harmonious combination of natural materials become its main features.
The swimming pool between the houses is a beautiful zone that allows residents to relax, swim a bit and relieve stress after a hard day.
We preserved pine and coniferous trees here. They become the part of the whole complex and one of the main concepts. And their aroma adds even more calmness.
In general, the complex looks composed, but dynamic. All elements of architecture, from the landscape design, to the spatial zoning in each of the buildings, are united in it.

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea195 m²Yearin progress

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