Apartment – an ode to space!
Two-room apartment with kitchen-studio is based on the minimalist approach where everything is brilliantly simple. Black, white, gray and their shades prevail in the interior. A moderate combination of colors and textures from the floor board, as well as the panels on the walls, add some charm and coziness. Convenient furniture helps us achieve the maximum space and full functionality absolutely in everything where each piece is well considered to the details from its visual features to fittings and inside filling. The kitchen is disguised so much that it is not even noticeable at first sight – it is part of the room. And once you need its opportunities, open the door – the kitchen is at your disposal. There are two large panoramic windows, which allow your eyes to have some rest and show the city from a bird’s eye view.

Bedroom and toilet facilities are of the white color, clean and relaxed. Spacious separated zones give some freedom, as well as unite in common matters. The bedroom is separated into a quiet zone created for relaxation. Comfortable tables with elegant lamps will allow place everything necessary for comfortable rest. And a view in the evening gives an opportunity to plunge into the romantic world of lights and the evening sky.

The apartment is designed for two people united by the love to independence, space and freedom of choice. The primary look of accomodation allows to personalize some surfaces at will, adding small decoration elements as you wish, which will make it extraordinary and undoubtedly private!

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea77 m²Year2017

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