While working on architectural projects, our team turns on the drive mode and gets started with great excitement. Since working with architecture, we have the chance to create new geometric shapes, come up with atypical combinations and match them functionally.

LocationZhytomyr, UkraineArea1480 m²YearIn process

The first floor of the monolithic building is hidden behind a glass facade. According to the project, it would be an excellent location for business premises. Fragile glass is wrapped with massive stone blocks facilitating a smooth transition from the first floor to the ones above.

Visually such a design solution assists in creating the main structure of the building. The stone structure, in combination with the glass, gives the building the vibe of spectacularity and sophistication.

The last floor is a walk-through but no less cozy, with a spacious terrace overlooking the city and the inner courtyard.

The area around the office building is equipped with parking lots for cars and bicycles. Green islands with trees outline the walkways.

And the inner courtyard inside the glass atrium can certainly be considered the main source of coziness. It is worth noting that the inner courtyard inside the glass atrium can indeed be considered the primary source of coziness, surrounded by reflections of green leaves from the trees growing inside the yard. This spot can be a perfect place for meeting, drinking morning coffee, or relaxing during your lunch break.

The minimalist architecture of the office center successfully fits into the shared space. Our job and core mission is to implement functional solutions via a creative approach with a vibe of simplicity and contemporary style.

Architecture plan 01
Architecture plan 02

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